7 Best Tropical Flowers You Can Easily Plant Anywhere

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Tropical flowers are the most beautiful, enticing, aromatic, and accessible after all healing for your vacation envy. The fact that you can easily plant tropical flowers indoors to enjoy all year especially helps you choose these unique tropical plants.

How to Take Care of Tropical Flowers

ake Care of Tropical Flowers
ake Care of Tropical Flowers

If your knowledge is significantly lacking in the gardening area, you must know that tropical flowers are not exactly the easiest plants to care for. But with the correct procedure, any dedicated gardener can keep them alive and healthy.

Consider light availability and necessity.

Before planting tropical flowers indoors or outdoors, you must know about the natural light availability and the sunlight necessity of your plant. This, after all, helps you select tropical plants best for the planting areas you have.

Let temperature decide the habitat.

Determine whether you want to plant indoors, outdoors, or on both sides. This is eventually important for tropical plants that require higher and constant temperatures to grow appropriately. These plants need to live indoors because the temperature in your climate regularly changes.

Avoid overwatering

Avoid overwatering

While tropical flowering plants require a definite level of humidity and moisture, sometimes plants get too wet when it comes to watering. Finally, you must know the water routine and technique necessary to avoid disease.

Give them the required nutrients.

 Just like other plants, tropical flowering plants need nutrients from the soil to grow. However, not every soil is made the same, and plants growing in containers may lose nutrients over time if they are unknown to their requirements.

Here are 7 best tropical flowers you would wish to grow at home;

1.    Orchid


Orchids fit in one of the most prominent plant families on earth: Scientists have found out more than 25,000 varieties. They are basically quite common and easy to grow if you’re skilled with growing plants. Depending on the varieties, it may especially need a special touch to care for them successfully.

Flower colors: Red, pink, yellow

Light: Bright, indirect sun

Hardiness zones: 8

Soil: Orchid bark and moss                                  

Height: 1 to 3 feet

2.    Anthurium


The shiny leaves of anthurium, also called the flamingo flower, give its flowers the rich, gleaming look of silk. With so much feel and that pigmented shade, it’s an essential houseplant for anyone who is a color lover.

Flower colors: Red, pink, white

Light: Partial

Hardiness zones: 10

Soil: Moist soil

Height: 2 to 3 feet

3.    Hibiscus


Famous for their popularity from the Caribbean to Hawaii, these edible and easy-to-grow Hawaiian tropical flowers will especially help attract butterflies and hummingbirds to your garden. If you wish to plant a small tree in your backyard, place a pot on your apartment’s window ledge, or simply have some to garnish cocktails, these Hawaiian tropical flowers are especially the best option.

Flower colors: Red, pink, purple, orange, yellow

Light: Full sun

Hardiness zones: 5 to 11

Soil: Rich, well-drained soil

Height: 4 to 10 feet

4.    Jasmine


Your candle collection is undoubtedly never complete without the sweet scent of jasmine. This captivating fragrance will, after all, fill your home with each blast of the wind, and you can also use its flowers to make a soothing tea. This small but beautiful plant needs plenty of sunlight and water.

Flower colors: White, pink, yellow

Light: Partial to full

Hardiness zones: 7

Soil: Well-drained porous

Height: 4 to 20 feet

5.    Bird-of-Paradise


Its long, spiked leaves have an eye-catching texture and color. Just plant it in an area sheltered from the wind because a strong breeze can break off those beautiful leaves. If you have pets, be aware that it’s, after all, toxic and must be planted out of their reach.

Flower colors: Yellow, white, orange, blue

Light: Full sun to partial shade

Hardiness zones: 10 to 12

Soil: Well-drained soil

Height: 6 to 30 feet

6.    Canna


Canna flowers are perennials because they grow year after year on the same bud, and they’re suitable for a wide range of soil types—it just requires to be well-watered. They’re easily accessible and fast-growing also.

Flower colors: Yellow, orange, red

Light: Full

Hardiness zones: 8 to 10

Soil: Acidic soil

Height: 2 to 8 feet

7.    Penta


Here’s the secret way of attracting hummingbirds to your garden. Pollinator-attracting tropical flowers basically grow all summer, attracting birds, bees, and butterflies to enjoy their star-type tropical flowers. It grows in the sunlight, even on the hottest summer days, but only when it’s in well-watered soil.

Flower colors: Red, pink, white, purple

Light: Full sun

Hardiness zones: 10 to 11

Soil: Well-drained, acidic soil

Height: 1 to 3 feet


Are tropical flowers fragrant?

Tropical flowers are, after all, famous for their pulsating colors. Many of them also have an appealing fragrance.

What are some uses for tropical flowers?

These bright tropical flowers, or simply a bouquet of them, can decorate your house better than any other decorative material. Tropical flowers also have a role in preparing a large number of medicines to heal many illnesses, such as hormonal disorders, constipation, and heart problems.

Are all tropical flowers exotic and rare?

No, all tropical flowers are not exotic and rare. An exotic plant is one that is not inhabited by our area but which may survive and grow here, displacing the native species and shifting natural equilibrium.

What are some popular tropical flowers names?

Some popular tropical flowers names are

Can I plant tropical flowers in my garden if I don’t live in a tropical climate?

Even if you don’t live in a tropical location, you can still have tropical flowering plants by using the correct information. While choosing the plants, rather than looking for ones generally found in tropical areas, focus on looking for the plants with the qualities you wish.

How often should I water tropical flowers?

Tropical plants need water twice a week, compared to every 1 to 2 weeks in winter.

Are there any toxic tropical flowers that I should be aware of if I have pets or small children?

Tropical rainforests are famous for their incredible diversity, and plants are also no exception. Rainforest plants have developed many sorts of chemical defenses, many of which are so extreme they can quickly end a human.

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