20 Kitchen Shelves That Will Make Your Kitchen Attracting

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If you’ve been resisting open kitchen shelves, we understand. As open shelving is the best idea and looks attractive when it’s done right. If you’re trying to make your kitchen feel even more organized, you can add painted open shelves to lower cabinets or use them to have another standardized feature in your space.

Kitchen Floating Shelves Ideas

Whatever your stand is on IKEA kitchen shelves, at least some of these designer-approved ideas are sure to increase your interest and possibly make you desire to ditch upper cabinets. If you love the idea of mixing floating kitchen shelves with cabinets, you’ll get plenty of kitchen cabinet ideas here to inspire your thoughts. And if you want to renovate your kitchen, you may also need to take a look at the following kitchen shelves ideas;

20 Best Kitchen Shelves Ideas

1. Go For a Modular Look

Go For a Modular Look

For a playful feel, try mixing open floating kitchen shelves and closed cabinets in a modular look. For this feel, a designer mixed open cubbies with some splashes of red. It lets the homeowner’s blue midcentury tableware collection match the decor.

2. Use IKEA Kitchen Shelves to Draw Focus

Use IKEA Kitchen Shelves to Draw Focus

Add columns of open shelving to draw attention to a standout feature in your kitchen and also display your beloved ceramics. In this open shelving kitchen, designer used symmetrical open shelving and recurring light fixtures. It creates a focus on the Jerusalem stone-clothed chimney-style hood.

3. Match Painted Cabinetry

Match Painted Cabinetry

In an English cottage, you may normally find that a single open shelf puts a set of potted flowers on show.

4. Stick With a Single Level

In this modernized ranch house, the kitchen with a single layer of white marble open shelving basically matches the countertops and backsplash. This look is kept clean with glossy glasses and perfectly set dinnerware on top.

5. Lean Into Maximalism

Try to have a beautiful look of a kitchen full of open shelving. It attracts everything from cookware and dinnerware to decorative and art objects.

6. Coordinate With Lighting

Create a solid look by using pendant lighting and open shelves made of the same material. In a kitchen, some designers selected light wood shelving that also borders the range hood. Not only does the combination warm up the kitchen, but it also creates a sense of happiness.

7. Integrate a Ledge

If you want to display your small collection of favorite mugs in your kitchen, install IKEA kitchen shelve under closed cabinets as the interior design.

8. Carve a Niche

Beautify your kitchen by also adding quality by carving out a niche with an open shelving kitchen.

9. Try Rustic Meets Glam

A black-and-gold range is the best kind of its own. So tenor it down with rustic wood open floating shelves kitchen. They’re nominal, so they don’t distract one from his obvious focal point in the kitchen.

10. Dedicate a Section

If the exposed feel of open shelving especially makes you freak out, bound yourself to one portion of a wall in your kitchen. You can also keep your remaining items in the lower cabinets.

11. Give It an Industrial Feel

To think of a kitchen fit for a chef, giving it a practical feel with steel looks, wood open shelving with unique pendant lights, and distinctive hardware.

12. Embrace a Traditional Style

Go for a stylish look with open shelving that offers crown molding. If you want a soft but airy feel, select a mushroom color for the cabinetry, shelves, and island color.

13. Paint a Backdrop

With open cabinetry, you may make a playful distinction by painting the exterior and interior with different colors, like the teal and white combination in a kitchen.

14. Take Over a Wall

If you have a small breakfast space, basically don’t try to add heavy furniture. Instead, allow the open shelving kitchen to hold all of your utensils.

15. Keep It Simple

Anyone who wants to have the airy and bright wooden shelves kitchen of his dreams he can also easily create it with simple open shelving. Cabinetry makes a kitchen feel dense and heavy, so avoid using upper cabinetry.

16. Maintain the Room’s Existing Style

This small wooden shelves kitchen gives a slightly industrial feel because of its vented cabinets and exposed pipes. If your kitchen requires a similar look, try kitchen floating shelves ideas to bring ahead the aesthetic look.

17. Pair Shelves with Subway Tiles

Use subway tiles that run up to the ceiling along with open shelving. The horizontal lines basically look together satisfactorily on the wall shelves for the kitchen.

18. Consider a Metal Display

Install metallic floating shelves kitchen for a sleek substitute to wood or painted open shelving. Whether you pick brass, gold, or silver, this metallic solution will boost the overall glamour of your wooden shelves kitchen.

19. Customize a Built-In

Instead of separate kitchen floating shelves ideas, try keeping your dinnerware on built-in kitchen shelves instead of cabinets. It mixes cabinetry and wall shelves for the kitchen. You can also hide floating shelves kitchen tools easily and keep eye-catching pieces right in front of sight.

20. Dedicate It to Decor

In this Spanish-inspired kitchen, open shelving is out-and-out, like art and decor. It’s the perfect way to beautify your kitchen if you lack much space.


How to decorate kitchen shelves?

Shop from nearby your home for the items that add personality and dimensions to floating kitchen shelve. Take a potted plant from the living room and some cookbooks and place them on a shelf. Gather trays, candlesticks, vases, and various other decorative kitchenware that fit with your kitchen’s color and design.

What to put on open kitchen shelves?

While considering what to put on the open kitchen shelve instead of cabinet, try mixing up useful items like recipe books, serving bowls, and mugs with decorative items such as artwork, planters, or a sculpted vase.

Where to buy extra shelves for kitchen cabinets?

It is available in a wide range of colors and sizes to match your kitchen decor. It’s simple to create a more kitchen shelf. Many shops offer floating shelves in kitchen that suit all types of kitchen storage cabinets with doors and shelves.

How to decorate open kitchen shelves?

Items on open floating shelves in kitchen need to be perfectly pleasing. It’s not a place for plastic utensils or some mismatched serving dishes. A look we have is to take two different tones and textures, like rustic wooden serve ware and stoneware, or combine both of them to bring a natural look.

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