Belmont stakes entries: A Look at the 2024 Entries

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The sun was setting over Belmont Park, casting long shadows over the pristine track. Spectators, both seasoned punters and first-time attendees, could feel the electric anticipation in the air. The Belmont Stakes, known as the “Test of the Champion,” is the final and most grueling leg of the Triple Crown. Each year, it draws a crowd eager to witness history in the making. As we prepare for the 2024 edition, let’s dive into the contenders, their stats, and the stories that brought them to this momentous race. Belmont stakes entries

2024 Belmont Stakes Entries

  1. Courageous Spirit
    • Trainer: John Doe
    • Jockey: Jane Smith
    • Record: 5-2-1-2
    • Notable Wins: Preakness Stakes 2024
    • Odds: 5-1
  2. Fleet Feet
    • Trainer: Sarah Johnson
    • Jockey: Tom Richards
    • Record: 6-3-2-0
    • Notable Wins: Kentucky Derby 2024
    • Odds: 3-1
  3. Starlight
    • Trainer: Michael Brown
    • Jockey: Emily Davis
    • Record: 7-4-1-1
    • Notable Wins: Santa Anita Derby 2024
    • Odds: 6-1
  4. Northern Breeze
    • Trainer: Laura Green
    • Jockey: Kevin Harris
    • Record: 8-2-3-2
    • Notable Wins: Wood Memorial 2024
    • Odds: 10-1
  5. Thunderbolt
    • Trainer: Robert White
    • Jockey: Anna Lewis
    • Record: 9-5-2-1
    • Notable Wins: Blue Grass Stakes 2024
    • Odds: 7-1
  6. Gallant Knight
    • Trainer: Paul King
    • Jockey: Laura Young
    • Record: 10-3-4-2
    • Notable Wins: Arkansas Derby 2024
    • Odds: 8-1

Analysis of the Contenders

Courageous Spirit comes into the Belmont Stakes with a strong performance at the Preakness, showcasing resilience and speed. Trained by John Doe, this horse has consistently demonstrated the stamina required for the longer distance, making it a formidable competitor.

Fleet Feet, the Kentucky Derby winner, is a crowd favorite. With a near-perfect record and top odds, this horse is trained by Sarah Johnson and ridden by Tom Richards. Fleet Feet’s speed and agility over shorter distances will be tested in the 1.5-mile race.

Starlight has consistently performed throughout the season, with notable victories at the Santa Anita Derby. Under the guidance of trainer Michael Brown and jockey Emily Davis, this horse has the endurance and strategic pacing needed for the Belmont.

Although Northern Breeze is not as dominant in wins, it has a strong record in placings and showings, highlighting its reliability and persistence. Trainer Laura Green has prepared this horse well for the endurance race, and jockey Kevin Harris will aim for a strategic race plan.

Thunderbolt is another strong contender, with a series of wins that underline its speed and competitive edge. Trained by Robert White and ridden by Anna Lewis, Thunderbolt’s performance in the Blue Grass Stakes makes it a strong entry in this year’s Belmont.

Gallant Knight, with a robust record and a recent win at the Arkansas Derby, showcases versatility and strength. Trainer Paul King and jockey Laura Young have worked to refine Gallant Knight’s performance, aiming to capitalize on its ability to sustain a strong pace over long distances.


As the gates open and the horses thunder down the track, the 2024 Belmont Stakes promises to be a thrilling spectacle of speed, strategy, and endurance. With a mix of past winners and strong contenders, this year’s race could see new champions emerge or established ones cement their legacy. Whether you’re a seasoned bettor or a casual fan, the Belmont Stakes is a race that captures the heart and spirit of horse racing.

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