Traits to Look for When Hiring Remote Field Technicians

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In field service, remote services are the support and solutions provided to customers without being physically present.

For example: troubleshooting via video calls, guiding customers through setup processes over the phone, monitoring equipment, diagnosing issues through digital platforms, and so on.

The pandemic shot up this shift towards remote offerings when businesses continued operations despite lockdowns. Now, even as the world seems to have moved past the pandemic, the demand for remote services hasn’t died down.

Organizations are considering expanding their remote service capabilities.

To that end, here’s what to look for in new hires and how to upskill the current team to excel in remote services.

Digital Proficiency

Remote service relies on technology. Candidates should be comfortable with it, eager to learn new platforms and be adaptable to changes and updates.

Technicians need to be adept at using digital tools, such as Gomocha, which streamlines everything from scheduling to monitoring equipment.

Knowledge-Sharing Competency

Expanding your remote services can suffer some turbulence. Knowing how to share knowledge and experiences with colleagues is important for overcoming it and maintaining operations.

Look for candidates who value communication and can contribute to a culture of learning and improvement.

Customer Service Expertise

Customer service differs a bit in remote services because of the nature of these services. Technicians need patience and clarity over video/phone calls to be able to guide customers through procedures.

Exceptional customer service skills build must-needed trust and show the value of remote solutions to skeptical customers.


As field service organizations grow their remote offerings, the demand for technicians to handle these services will increase.

By focusing on hiring and training for digital proficiency, knowledge-sharing competency, and customer service expertise, companies can have a team capable of delivering high-quality remote services.

This strategic approach meets the current demand and positions organizations for success in an increasingly digital service landscape.

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