The Power of Hand Hygiene

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An important step in limiting the transmission of disease is practicing good hand hygiene.

Washing hands regularly with soap and water can reduce gastrointestinal and respiratory illnesses by up to 50%. With infectious diseases like COVID-19, hand washing is critically important.gro buzz

Removing Germs

Handwashing removes viruses, bacteria, and other germs that are picked up throughout the day. Germs on the hands can spread to surfaces, foods, and other people.drake networth

Even basic day-to-day activities like using public transportation, handling money, touching door handles, using shared devices, and more can expose us to contagions.

Technique Matters

When it comessso cisd to handwashing, technique matters. Start with warm, running water and lather soap thoroughly over palms, backs of hands, between fingers, and under nails.how2invest

The CDC recommends scrubbing hands for at least 20 seconds before rinsing. Dry completely with a clean towel.

Hand Sanitizer as a Backup

Hand sanitizers with at least 60% alcohol are an acceptable alternative when soap and water aren’t available.

Apply enough sanitizer to coat all hand surfaces and rub briskly until dry. However, handwashing is preferred whenever possible.

Handwashing for COVID-19

With COVID-19 still active, handwashing is a simple daily habit that makes a real difference. Studies show that handwashing combined with wearing masks greatly reduces cisd sso transmission rates for the qualls

Washing hands properly after being out in public, before eating, after using shared surfaces, and after coughing or sneezing can prevent unwittingly spreading germs.ko-fi

Developing Good Hand Hygiene Habits

While hand hygiene is important year-round, flu season and pandemic outbreaks make it even more whitney

Schools, workplaces, and community settings should encourage frequent handwashing while providing adequate facilities and supplies.hdintranet

Individuals should also build regular handwashing into their daily routines. Paying attention to good hand hygiene benefits public health and personal well-being.

Maintaining Hand Hygiene On-the-Go

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